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I iz funky! February 9, 2008

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Thanks to FreeFromItAll who awarded me this Funky Blog bling

And yes, I shall wear it with my usual funky pride as instructed! lmao

In the spirit of blog bling I pass the funky blog bling fun to

* Widdle Shamrock and Anja for joining me in my funky blog madness

* Naomi cos her evil streak is a funky mile wide &

* Frogdancer for the many funky giggles she gives me with her descriptions of her exploits in the worlds of knitting, quilting, frugality, teaching and parenting.

There ya’s go ladies! Now go forth and spread the funky lurv!



1. Casdok - February 9, 2008

Congratulations on your award! And well done to the others! I will go and check them out!

2. FreeFromItAll - February 10, 2008

:::SMILES with pride:: My little funkidy.

3. Anja - February 10, 2008

*Does the happy dance*

Funky, one of my fabuloso favourite words.

You’re awesome!

Thank You. *hugs*

4. Frogdancer - February 10, 2008

You know it’s really weird….

I’ve got all of this funky ‘chicka-chicka bwa-bwa’ music playing in a loop inside my head since I saw the award. Is this common to everyone who receives this award or is it just me?

Thanks so much. It made me smile. I’ll go and have a quick look at the others on your list later today.

5. Bettina - February 10, 2008

I had “won’t you take me to funky town” on loop for a while lol

6. widdleshamrock - February 10, 2008

Bow wow chicka bow bow….

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