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What’s the point? February 8, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Family, Kids, Parenting, TJ.

On Tuesday, when I went grocery shopping, the kids and I picked out two packets of Twisties to share as a Friday night treat.

On Wednesday CJ, when asked to do a chore or have her shower, was rude to me and yelled at her father when he pulled her up on it.

On Thursday TJ, when asked to do his chore of emptying the inside garbage bins, stomped his feet around the house and was snappy with me for daring to ask that of him.

Today  both children, when asked to help do anything at all, were sullen, stompy and rude.

So, tonight, when they asked if they could have their treat, I told them “No”. “What was the point of buying them then?” CJ snaps at me.

Oooooo my girl still has so much to learn.

I quickly and sharply explained that treats were a privilege not a right, and that if they did not want to help around the house and were going to continue to act like sour little monsters when asked, that I was not going to be inclined to be a happy mummy who wanted to treat her lovely children.

She didn’t like that.

Neither did he.

There was no argument over bedtime tonight.

And that was the point.

Mummy 1 – Monsters 0




1. Naomi - February 8, 2008


There might be hope for them yet.

2. magneto bold too - February 8, 2008

3 words.

It. Gets. Worse.

Bwaaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaa

3. Casdok - February 8, 2008

Well done!
Good luck for the next round!

4. FreeFromItAll - February 9, 2008

Hey girl, I just awarded you the weez be funky award!


5. Anja - February 9, 2008

Hot damn!

Lovin’ it. Sooooooooooo lovin’ it.

You’re one point up. Keep the momentum going.

6. Frogdancer - February 9, 2008

I. agree. with. Kelley.

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8. Tiffany - February 9, 2008

Mean mothers of the world unite!

9. Bettina - February 10, 2008

yeah I know/expect it will get worse – that’s why I’m going to relish every little victory now! lmao

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