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Carrot greetings February 7, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Funny Stuff, Gardening, Goals, Kids, Our Home, Parenting, TJ.

This afternoon I had a nap………… and slept with one ear open for the next 3 hours. I did *hear* the kids come home. I *heard* them going in and out the front door to check on the rabbit. I * heard* them argue over whether to eat fruit or biscuits. I definitely *heard* them turn on the frigging telly at what sounded like full blast. But I couldn’t make myself get up just yet.

Not even when I started dreaming that I was walking around naked because I was hot. Or when I dreamed that a cat was sitting on me which turned out wasn’t actually a dream.

TJ, however, doesn’t let the fact that “mum is sleeping” deter him from talking to me. And he did talk to me throughout my nap. First he announced that the mail was here as he threw it on my face. I didn’t even open my eyes as I batted it away. He gave me various updates on various things as the afternoon progressed to which he just got a snoozy grunt.

No, it wasn’t till he walked back in the front door (slamming it naturally) and announced that he had just planted out my carrots into the planters on the front patio that I was able to rouse myself from my slumbery stupor to see what on earth he had been up to. I found carrots here –


And here –


And this is the sweet potato he planted in another planter the other week –


These are the plants I was striking to put in the planters – Spider plants


And these pelargoniums –


I had visions of surrounding the front entrance of our home with pretty flowers and interesting foliage………. not carrots to greet us as we come and go.

Hubby had better damn well get my vege plot dug up to put my seedlings in this weekend before I end up with cabbages and onions on my front door step too!



1. Casdok - February 8, 2008

Brillient! I think he did a fine job!!

2. FreeFromItAll - February 8, 2008

Good idea, I’m going to take a nap and when I wake up it will be warm enough (it’s now 23 degrees) for carrots to grow! Yipeee!

I also hope when I wake my arse won’t hurt so bad. I fell on it while getting out of my vehicle on the splendid ice we are suffering. (Did I say that Austrailian enough? I feel so Iowan on this blog LOL).

3. Anja - February 8, 2008

Gotta give TJ credit. When he’s creative, he’s REALLY creative!

And when people check out your lovely new carrots (that’s if the rabbits don’t find them) it’s going to be a conversation piece.

Ah, TJ… so like your dad it’s not funny. Apparently it sends their little neurons into hyperdrive if you need to sleep.

FreeFromItAll, you said ARSE. You’re such an adopted Aussie now. Well done!

4. Naomi - February 8, 2008

Carrots out the front… that’s so HOSPITABLE! πŸ˜‰ “Come in, we have carrots!”

Sooo… where do the pretty plants (although carrot foliage IS nice) go now?

FreeFromItAll – Aussies rarely say ‘splendid’. We’re far more likely to say ‘bonza’, ‘cracker’ or (Melbournians only) ‘grouse’ πŸ˜€

5. Bettina - February 8, 2008

yeah he did do a good job Casdok – just it coulda been out the back instead out the front lol

Yup, arse is pretty aussie Freefromitall. Splendid…… not so much. Perhaps even brilliant would have fitted.

OMG Anja! I didn’t even think of the damn rabbits!! And you know they are still all over the place even with my black cat regularly catching one. And his dad thought the whole thing was hilarious……….. didn’t think it was quite so hilarious two days ago when TJ got the mower and petrol out to mow the lawn unsupervised!

Yes Naomi, I guess it is hospitable! lmao I sure hope the carrots don’t mind being transplanted twice! My pretty plants are still going out the front damn it!!

6. FreeFromItAll - February 8, 2008

Let me try it again:

I also hope when I wake my arse won’t hurt like a son ov a beeotch. I fell on it while getting out of my jelopy on the bonza ice we are suffering.

You forgot about the bunnies? Oh have I got a funny bunny story for you. My husband would kill me if I told. I might get arrested or run into a kangaroo and break all my non-resolutions, so I’d better sneak it in later. bwahahahaha

7. Naomi - February 8, 2008

LOL – well, ya gotta give him credit for initiative!
(I’m getting this mental image of a cat holding on for dear life while a rabbit bounces happily through the house)

FreeFromItAll – ute, not jelopy. Otherwise, perfect. Fantastic effort. A+

8. FreeFromItAll - February 8, 2008

*curtsey* Thanks. πŸ™‚


I woke up from my snoozy slumber to something dreadful. IOWA. I’m still in IOWA. And my arse still hurts even after sitting on a bum warmer (heating pad – that’s my closest guess in Aussie terms LOL).

9. Bettina - February 8, 2008

bum warmer is quite a good aussie description. ! lol

Naomi- we have wild rabbits in our street. Ifyou drive down our street at night you will see anywhere up to 20 of the little buggers running around front yards and on the road. My black cat being quite the huntress catches and eats one or two a week. I hope the carrots don’t lure the bunnies to our yard or it will be like shooting fish in a barrel for her!

10. Anja - February 8, 2008

That cat of yours gets quite a feed. She must be quick. Pity she wasn’t fast enough for that mouse.

Did you get the mouse?

11. magneto bold too - February 8, 2008

perhaps it will be a good greeting for the Easter Bunny?

I have chocolate on the brain today…

12. Naomi - February 8, 2008

Clearly mice are beneath a rabbit-catching cat.

Mmm, chocolate.

FreeFromItAll – a ute is a ‘utility vehicle’ – imagine the front end of a car and the back end of a very small open-bed truck.

13. Widdle Shamrock - February 8, 2008

Carrots for any visiting bunnies….

I can think of someone else that needs to do that …..

14. Tiffany - February 8, 2008


15. Anja - February 8, 2008

Shhh… Widdleshamrock.

That Bunny will not be visiting. Not now, not ever.

16. frogpondsrock - February 8, 2008

I think I will skip the blog next time.. and just read the comments..

shit that didn’t sound good… sorry bettina i am a tad fragile at the mo..

I was giggling at the comments thats what I meant..Oh fuck it I am going to bed….



17. Bettina - February 9, 2008

it’s fine Kim. I knew what you meant. hugs to you

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