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Smiley Saturday February 2, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Family, Finances, Health, Hubby, Kids, Miss Lou, Ramblings, Recovery, Smiley Saturday.


Welcome to another edition of Smiley Saturday brought to you by Lightening`s Online

My smiley moments from this week…………………..

* Hubby managed to snaffle himself an extra run. Despite it cutting into our weekend family time, it provides a much needed boost to our budget right at the moment.

* TJ’s new glasses finally showed up on Friday morning and he is happy with his teachers for this year.

* Miss Moo ended up with the home room teacher that I was hoping she would get. Mr H expects a lot from his students and helps keep them grounded as they enter adolescence and approach high school.

* Miss Lou is settling in nicely to her new school (so far). She has made a couple of friends. Likes her room mates and all the teachers she has met……….. she seems quite happy.

* I made the Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers list (hahaha) debuting at number 71!

* I also started my first official day as a moderator over at Aussie Bloggers Forum yesterday. Woohoo   The power, the power!!! lmao

* I also realised that I am not superwoman, was never superwoman and will never be superwoman and need to start thinking and behaving like a mere mortal for a change. (see yesterdays post if this doesnt make sense to you)

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1. lightening - February 2, 2008

Congratulations Bettina – on becoming a moderator AND debuting in the top 100 Australian Women Bloggers. What a big couple of days for you!!!! 🙂

Glad the glasses finally turned up and that the kids are settling well into school. It makes life easier as a parent doesn’t it, when things go well with our kids.

Thanks for joining in again. Enjoyed your list.

Love and Hugs


2. widdleshamrock - February 2, 2008

Great things for you there B.

So glad Lou settled in ok at school.

Enjoyed reading your list.

3. Tiffany - February 2, 2008

Sounds like you had alot to smile about!

4. Anja - February 2, 2008

And we know what makes you REALLY smile. 🙂

Great list!

5. Bettina - February 2, 2008

Orlando covered in chocolate?


6. Meg - February 2, 2008

I love the positivity of this “meme”. It’s hard not to read a “smiley Saturday” without smiling. Glad you had so many things to smile about 😀

7. Casdok - February 2, 2008

Many congratulations!! 🙂

8. Trish - February 2, 2008

congratulations for the debut on the Aussie Women’s Blog list , your new mod squad job – and that all your children have settled into school just as you have wanted.
Now you can put your feet up and have a day of rest tomorrow.

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