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hello mouse, you need a house January 30, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Fire, Housekeeping, Kids, Our Home, Parenting, Ramblings.

As if being invaded my giant red cockroaches and numerous spiders of all colours, sizes and descriptions wasn’t enough to completely creep this creepy crawley phobic blogger out, now we have a mouse hiding behind the stove.

It’s only been here since they put the new floor down in the kitchen last week.  Doesn’t my new floor look pretty? And my new benchtop, and appliances? Remember my the great kitchen fire of 07?  hmmm……… wonder if the floor guys left the mouse here?


The mouse must like the new stove and while I’m not happy about having a rodent live in it, at least it’s getting some use. I hate the damn thing. It has the grill inside the main oven with the knobs above the door (as you can see). You are apparently meant to leave the oven door closed to use the grill and everything from the grill tray, the door, the handle to the knobs gets hot. When you open the door to check what you are cooking you get that rush of hot vapours just like using the main oven. My kids like to help to cook but I can’t let my kids use this. They would get burnt. Stupidest bloody idea I’ve ever seen in a kitchen if you ask me.

Makes a good mouse house though………… now where is that damn cat?………..



1. Tiffany - January 30, 2008

Our stove looks exactly like that and does exactly the same thing! Blow me down, we have a mouse in there somewhere as well.

2. lightening - January 30, 2008

We had one in our car! *shudder* DH put baits in there and a mouse died in the panelling of the car. We had the most “lovely” smell accompany us to church on Sunday. 😦 DH has found it’s hidey hole now and disposed of said mouse. YUK!!!!

Your kitchen looks fab though!!!! 🙂 I agree with the combined oven/grill thing. I bought one with a separate grill. But the grill is at the bottom (it’s an in-wall type oven) so it’s a pain to use anyway. *sigh* And they don’t make ovens like they used to (like ones that can actually COOK!!!! I can’t cook a roast in mine – it seems to stay raw in the middle).

3. Veronica - January 30, 2008

Maybe you could stick your cat in the oven too? They could ‘play house’ together.

4. Casdok - January 30, 2008

Does sound rather dangerous. Shame for the kids.

Love the floor!

5. anonymum - January 30, 2008

I well remember problems with mice! Feral little buggers they are. We had rats in the roof at one stage, so we threw them a party!
Mixed rat poison with peanut butter {smoothy or crunchy, they LOVE either} and put it in the roof in plastic containers. In less than a week they were empty and there were rats and mice dying all over the place…outside though, not in the roof, the poison sends them in search of water as you probably know…
the grill in a lot of stoves are like this…a pain i agree, particularly if you have kids like yours who like to cook……i bet it was a man who designed it!

6. Anja - January 30, 2008

That is possibly the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of for a grill. And I agree, it must have been a man who designed it.

That cat had want to start earning its keep.

7. widdleshamrock - January 31, 2008

Your kitchen is looking nice !!!!!

We have a little visitor at the moment too. Driving the dogs NUTS !!!

8. Jayne - January 31, 2008

Love the kitchen 🙂
Have a grill inside the oven too, pain the bum.
Good luck with the damn mouse !

9. Trish - January 31, 2008

OMG -we had a mouse die in the dishwasher – it stank for a week till DH dismantled it – do not let him die there LOL.
Set a trap with peanut butter maybe … or starve the cat for a few days.

Nice new floor !

10. Gemisht - February 1, 2008

The kitchen looks good, hope you’re happy with it apart from the oven/grill.

I have a wall oven which has a top element as the griller, but have never really used it as a grill as its too hard to clean. But even using the oven has caused the timer buttons to melt. Another gem designed by a male I’m sure.

Hope you get the mouse outta there.

11. boneblower - February 1, 2008

Men!! They can send people to the moon but can’t design a simple thing like an oven……….it is one hell of a big mouse trap though 🙂

12. magneto bold too - February 1, 2008

We had one in our oven like that.

We now have one of those built in jobbies. With the same stupid freaking griller whose a whatsit.

Hope you catch the mouse rather than bake it…

13. Erin! - February 22, 2008

Lol well my oven is an inwall thingamy as well and with exactly the same griller, although had to get new knobs for it recently because they crack from the heat. Luckily the repair shop had some old ones that would fit and didnt charge me for them, they dont match the cooktop knobs anymore but they do their job.

I agree that a male designed it – bloody knob!

Havent had a mouse in though, the cat likes catching them too much!!

14. Bettina - February 24, 2008

our cats are usually good mousers, but for some reason hadn’t noticed this one. I’m guessing it was because it wasn’t long after the new floor was laid and so there was new floor smell covering the mouse smell.

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