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End of holiday grumps January 26, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Family, Housekeeping, Kids, Parenting, TJ.

I have the end of holiday grumps.

I’m tired. This holiday period has been so full on. I need some down time. I need some quiet time. I need some no one-asking-me-for-stuff-or-making-  noise-when-I’m-on-the-phone/pc/in the shower or wanting-to-go-places- and-asking-me-for-stuff or needing-mum-to-organise-us-while-we-ask-for- stuff time.

Did I mention they keep asking me for stuff? Like food and shit. Or arty crafty stuff and shit. Or more food and shit. Or toys! 3 days after Christmas my not so tiny terrorist TJ is asking me for toys and throwing mini tanties at me. And it has escalated every week. We will be having an argument this coming shopping day methinks!

Miss Moo seems to think that she needs a continual parade of friends, family and cousins through the house to amuse her princessy self with.  How dare she expect me to be nice and friendly and patient and slave motherly that many days in a row!! Rudeness! Sheer rudeness I tells ya!

And oh I am such a horrid mother for asking them to help around the house! Even when they are getting paid for it. Miss Moo wants extra money, I give her a list of jobs. Apparently we are not meant to wash every day so that there is only one load each day when she has to hang the washing out. We were meant to let most of it pile up until it wasn’t her job anymore so she only had to hang maybe two loads a week out!  And TJ wants extra jobs to earn extra money but won’t even do his regular jobs without stomping his feet.
And let us not even go near the pig styes their rooms!  I don’t expect them to be spotless, but just being able to see the floor occasionally would be nice, but only bad mummies expect clean rooms.

I’m ready to pull my hair out in frustration or at the very least join Kelley rocking in the corner. If I could just get that bit of down time I’d be right. I could recharge, refocus, and be ready to tackle them when they get antsy, feral or just plain naughty, but right now I’m tired, I’m grumpy, there are 105 hours to go till they go back to school and one of the little bastards them stole my last damn chocolate bar!



1. Casdok - January 26, 2008

I feel for you!
And no chocolate!!!!!!!!

2. FreeFromItAll - January 26, 2008

OMG your kids are STILL out of school? And you still have several days left? *just shoot me now*

Do they go all year round?

Go buy chocolate – QUICK! It’ll solve a lot of grumps, I promise.

3. widdleshamrock - January 26, 2008

Aww B. Hope you get some down time. Most important !! It has been a hectic time for you.

Flag the choccie, PROZAC, it’s the new choccie.

4. Naomi - January 26, 2008

They stole your CHOCOLATE?

And they’re still ALIVE?

Wowsers, that’s self-control.

5. Bettina - January 26, 2008

Only because my hubby is quite partial to his children having not just have do spend 5 straight weeks with them! lol

Yes freefromitall – it’s their summer break. New school year starts on Wednesday.

6. Anja - January 26, 2008

It’s getting close. Soon…. oh so soon. Then the little fu.. *cough* darlings are out the door.


Hey, it worked once… you can plead the “dingo” story. Or, and I’m sure everyone will agree with this… the ghost of the ratshit roo came and stole them. It’ll work. Keep it in mind. 🙂

7. Bettina - January 26, 2008

Yes I know. They are getting reckless in their boredom…………. and now hubby is wondering why I don’t want anyone to speak, touch or even look at me! *rolls eyes*

8. magneto bold too - January 26, 2008

All of mine will be back on Thursday. I have the day off on Thursday. I have a hot date with a box of chocolates and my girl Pink on uber loud to drown out my whoops of joy.

Yeah and mine will continue to ask for food and shit, but I will get a break between 9 and 3.

9. Bettina - January 26, 2008

Yes, its the break from 9 – 3 that makes all the difference!

10. FreeFromItAll - January 27, 2008

Summer break???? It’s frickin freezin HERE! I mean like -15.

So is it cold in July there? I need a geography lesson.

9-3? We’re 8:10-3:10. I wonder what American children are doing for an extra hour each day. …..we’re just not goin there…. 😉

11. Bettina - January 27, 2008

Yes, it is cold in July here.

Our school year runs from end of jan to late december with 3 two week breaks in april, july and sept/oct.

Our summer temps can reach 45 C or 113 F but our winter only gets down to -5 C or 23 F

12. Tiffany - January 27, 2008

I feel your pain. I am ready for a ten week term to start, that’s for sure. If I have one more sleep over at this house I am going to scream!

13. FreeFromItAll - January 28, 2008

Cold in July…wow. That just doesn’t comprehend.

We 10-11 weeks off June-August. (It gets to about 100 F in July and the humidity is enough to kill ya)

Then in December, when Santa comes and it SNOWS and is COLD we get two weeks off. Other than that it’s maybe a long weekend or a day off here and there.

14. boneblower - January 28, 2008

Oh hail the temple – don’t we just loooove the temple 🙂

15. river - June 19, 2008

Your kids ask you for shit? Seriously?? Mine make their own……..

16. Bettina - June 19, 2008

lmao! Yeah, they make plenty too lol

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