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Door to Door January 24, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Community, Family, Finances, Kids, Money, Parenting, Ramblings, Random Thoughts, TJ.
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This afternoon Miss Moo was looking at the door stickybeaking at what my TJT (TJ the Terrorist) was doing and in the process of dobbing on him for watering on a non watering day when she noticed a rather strange fat man (SFM) walking up our driveway.

“Mum there’s some weird guy in our driveway” she yells out then stands there with the front door open watching him. TJT meantime is completely oblivious to any persons in his vincinity and is busily spraying water every where possible around our front patio and inadvertantly keeps the SFM from making it to our front door.

I go to the front door, growl at TJT to turn the hose off and am spied by the SFM who happens to be wearing a World Vision t-shirt.

He starts his spiel (from the path not the front door step lol) about how he’s with World Vision and is not looking for donations, as I can see he does not have a yellow donation bucket on his person, but instead he is looking for just a few big hearted people to give some poor children in third world countries a better life. He tells me that “they” (the mythical they people) said that there are no big hearted people in your town, but he knows that “they” are wrong and would just like 5 minutes of my time to explain and he is sure that I will want to help prove “them” wrong. At which point I cut him off and politely explain that we are not in a position to help at this point in time before shutting the door so he can’t continue the dialogue.

I loathe those kind of spiels. The “if you really had a big heart you’d help” or “if you are good friend you’d do this” or ” prove you are a christian by doing this” type of spiels really tick me off!! You want to appeal to me, appeal to my sense of compassion, appeal to my intelligence, appeal to my logic, appeal to my mothering instincts or my sense of justice.

Don’t guilt me.

I’m not an idiot. I know what you are doing and your little guilt inducing shtick does nothing but make me want to push you over, kick your arse, call you a dipshit and roll you through the dust that is my driveway onto the road, hopefully into the path of on oncoming vehicle.

Not wanting to sponsor a third world child through World Vision does not mean that I do not have a big heart, it means that I prefer not to sponsor children through World Vision. It means that I prefer to spend the majority of my charitable money locally. It means that I prefer to send my money to non local charities through my local church or other organisations of my choice. Personally I prefer to sponsor a child in a developing country through  The Salvation Army.  You could sponsor two children for less than what it costs to sponsor one through World Vision (and that idea should appeal to some of my thrifty readers! lol).

Having someone from World Vision show up on my doorstep doing a canvas raised some questions for me though. How much are they paying these people to canvas for them? Where does that money come from? Does it come from the sponsorship money that other people donate to the organisation? Would they think that was an appropriate use? Makes me wonder if World Vision has gotten so big that they have lost sight of their vision.


1. Casdok - January 25, 2008

I wonder those things to.

2. Anja - January 25, 2008

Kickin’ ass is what you do best. 🙂

While the plight of children overseas is heartbreaking, I also will not respond to the guilt bullshit these mongrels put on you. And you’re oh so right about where the money goes. A huge proportion of what you give goes to “administration” costs.

Salvation army, way to go!

3. Jayne - January 25, 2008

Those door to door pains in the arse need a kick in the goolies just to feel the pain of those they’re pestering 😉

4. widdleshamrock - January 25, 2008

I think something like 20% is Administration costs.

I’m with you. Have had many people like that come to the door and it annoys me no end.

5. picklebums - January 25, 2008

Have you seen the size of the purpose built World Vision office block in Melbourne??? Kind of puts me off that they spent millions (ok maybe not millions) on a fancy building when I can think of a hundred ways the money could be better spent!
But anyway… makes me glad we live in ‘the country’ as no one would bother coming down our road, let alone trekking the length of our loooooooong driveway!

6. Kelli - January 25, 2008

World Vision has had tables set up in our local shopping centre. I did stop to talk to one of the people at the table & it turns out the table was being manned by volunteers – not paid canvassers. So not everyone who is out looking for new sponsors is being paid. Some people are volunteering their time to help a cause they consider to be worthy.

7. Bettina - January 25, 2008

I got no problem with people volunteering their time. to support organisations like that. This guy who came to the door was obviously not a local, which leads me to think that he was probably getting something out of it to come all the way here to doorknock. He had a very rehersed speil too so obviously had been well trained making him seem more a professional canvaser than a volunteer.

Just makes you wonder is all.

8. magneto bold too - January 25, 2008

Well you know what happened with me when they try the whole ‘there are people worse off than you’ spiel. LMAO.

9. Trish - January 26, 2008

Very interesting post and comments . We sponsor two children through WV -1 in Asia and one in Chile (Chile kid – he was/is very chubby and healthy looking LOL – so much for guilting our son into helping poor children -but I know it is for more than just food). I know we all have our own minds about where we like to see our money go to favourite charities.
It is an individual thing and I don’t like to be guilted by phone canvassers either – especially sick children, deaf centre, spastic centre etc so I agree. I think they just run out of ideas to get the publics attention and decreasing charitable $ – because everyone is struggling.
I didn’t know how much they spend on admin to tell you the truth – so, I goggled it and found WV even helped in US re Sept 11 and still does – approx.16.9% then went to admin and they are audited by Pricewaterhouse Coopers -so I imagine they are very accountable for every cent.
In Aust 2006 – see here http://www.worldvision.com.au/aboutus/faqs/#q01
They say 7% admin but also 8.6% to fundraising campaigns – to attract more sponsors – so you never know I guess.
WV does support indigenous communities too I wasn’t sure of that. Thanks for sharing . I didn’t know about Salvation Army either.
I just can’t stop sponsoring the ones we have now – feel too guilty LOL – the boy will be 15yrs this year in August ? so if/when he leaves the program we might look elsewhere for a change. I want to support kids the same age as my children – which WV allowed us to chose a few years back when we got a boy 6 wks younger than our son.

10. Bettina - January 27, 2008

The Salvation Army try to match you up with whatever you’d like to request too. We requested an 8 year old girl when our girls were 7 & 9 and that was what they found for us.

11. Trish - January 27, 2008

Thanks Bettina -that is good I will check Salvation army out – the idea of two for one appeals to me with the twins.

12. boneblower - January 28, 2008

They also have a knack for turning up at exactly ‘the worst time of the day’!!

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