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New School January 21, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Kids, Miss Lou, Parenting, The Ex.

Miss Lou had an interview and a tour of her new school today. She was very impressed!

She liked the principal, she liked the people who showed her around. Everyone she met was “really nice”. She liked the dorm rooms, which for her grade will have 4 girls in them. She liked the common room where they can make their own snacks after school, hang out and drink Milo. She was impressed that someone else will be doing all her washing and ironing for her (her step-bitch made her do all that since she was 9 1/2).

She liked the library with it’s harbour views. She liked the pool and the recreation/sport areas. She liked the music programme – “I can have lessons again Mum!”. She LOVED the art rooms – “they have pottery Mum! And did you know that they have a lot of very talented artists at that school? “.

She found out that she won’t be the only new girl going into her year.

She was SO positive about it. You could hear in her voice that she was just beaming. I’m so relieved. She was really worried that she wouldn’t like it all weekend.

Tomorrow she is going to find out about whether or not she can email from school, have her mobile phone there and make phone calls. She is also going to have her uniform fitting. She likes the uniform too by the way.

She also has her first counselling appointment tomorrow. Let’s hope that is just as much of a positive experience too. 🙂



1. Casdok - January 22, 2008

Wow, does all sound very positive! Lets hope she is able to use email etc!! Fingers crossed!

2. Frogdancer - January 22, 2008

Being happy at school is so important. She sounds as if she’s had a rough trot, poor kid, so let’s hope that this will be the beginning of a time of peace and tranquility and fun for her. With a lot of study too, the teacher in me hastens to add!

3. Anja - January 22, 2008

Ever thought of becoming a teacher when TJ gets a bit older? I think you’ve got the natural talents for it.

4. Naomi - January 22, 2008

Woohoo! That sounds very positive for her… and man, I’m kinda envious myself. I hope it keeps working well for her.

5. lightening - January 22, 2008

It must be a relief all round that things are going well. I hope it continues to do so and that she can settle in well and start to feel better about herself. 🙂

6. Nikki - January 22, 2008

Wot they all said !!!

7. Kelli - January 22, 2008

I am pleased she seems so happy about the school. Hopefully, she will have a wonderful year and make some terrific new friends.

Maybe you will be able to sleep easier too knowing that she has a chance to enjoy scholl & life.


8. jeanie - January 22, 2008

I went to boarding school – they are not all evil institutions bent on destroying young women (it sounds like she already had that from ex) – and having another newbie or two in her year will be a blessing for her.

I hope she does well, poor mite.

And good luck to you.

9. Marita - January 22, 2008

Great news about Miss Lou. I hope she continues to be happy there.

10. FreeFromItAll - January 23, 2008

GO MISS LOU!!!!! And mom too. 😉

11. boneblower - January 28, 2008

How excitement!! Sounds like a great place. Do they take adults??

12. Bettina - January 28, 2008

I wish – if someone was going to do all my laundry and provide all my meals I’d be there too!!

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