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Kid’s Night January 14, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Family, Funny Stuff, Hubby, Kids, My Brigade, Recovery, TJ.

Tonight was “Kid’s Night” at our fire station. We invited some of the children of our brigade members over to ‘have a play’.

My TJ has been coming over with me for the past few weeks seeing as how I’m not allowed to train yet so have been just popping in for a little while here and there. He has been helping do the truck checks (making sure all the right gear is on the firetruck, in the right spot and working). He loves it! He may only be a little fella, but he knows what a red devil is and where to find it lol …….. and for those of you wondering it is a type of hose nozzle.

This week we decided to do a school holiday activity for some of the members kids, so we had 7 of them ranging in age from 5 to 14. Some of them helped with the truck checks while our brigade executive had a quick meeting, then we got the truck out, bowled out a few hoses and had a play.

We hooked up a 25mm hose, a 38mm hose and a 65 mm hose, attached nozzles to them all, showed the kids how to hold the hose so it didn’t push them over, how to signal the pump operator to turn the water on or off and prepared to get wet!

They had a ball!


Three lots of hoses out and going. TJ and Miss Moo are closest to the camera


TJ, Miss Moo and Miss Chookin’ (with the blacked out face) holding onto to one of the larger hoses.


Packing up at the end of the night. (Well I wasn’t going to roll the damn hoses up! lol)

My hubby is the firie you can see in the last pic. For someone who isn’t ordinarily terribly patient with kids that aren’t his own, he did a damn good job running the show tonight (while I took photos and offered lots and lots of super helpful suggestions……. of course!).

I suggested to the captain that we try to do a kid’s night once every month or two and he agreed. It’s good to have the kids somehow involved in what we are doing. I’m quite looking forward to being back on deck and getting “hands on” with that. Six more weeks……………….


1. Casdok - January 15, 2008

Looks great fun!!

2. Nikki - January 15, 2008

How cool is that !!!!! Looks/ Sounds like a cool and fun night.

3. Anja - January 15, 2008

That’s a fantastic idea. A fun time for the kids, and making them feel a part of the community, and hopefully they will want to be involved when they are adults.

4. Bettina - January 15, 2008

Thye can officially join the brigade as juniors when they turn 12. At that stage they can do basic training and participate in any exercises that don’t involve “hot” work. They have to be 17 to do hot work or go on the fireground. Miss Moo has her membership form all ready for when she turns 12 in October! lol

5. magneto bold too - January 15, 2008

I wanna play! I am hot and sticky and wanna play with a big water hose!

6. Bettina - January 15, 2008

Sure Kelley, anytime you want!

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