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Grumble grumble……. damn telemarketers! January 7, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings, Random Thoughts.
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*warning – if you are offended by swearing please don’t read the following post. 

Austar has been ringing me. Mid afternoon and at tea time.

I, of course, have caller ID. And I, of course, do not generally answer calls from numbers that I do not recognise. This one, however, was starting to piss me off with it’s regularity, so I called it back one time. Frickin’ Austar.

We have a private phone number. A bit over six months ago we got sick to frickin’ death of being inundated with telemarketing calls. It seemed that no matter how many times I repeated the words “I do not want another fucking mobile phone or pay tv or isp and put me on your do not fucking call under any fucking circumstances list right fucking NOW” that we were on the list to stay. As a result of the change of number, we have had six months of uninterrupted family and meal time bliss……. until a week ago.

So today I rang Austar’s service line after yet another call from them showed up on my missed calls list. I was told that our number was not on the do not call register (which it is) so they were free to call it. I asked why on earth I would need to be on the do not call list when I have a private unlisted number. They didn’t know. This particular girl was quite nice and had no love for telemarketers herself, so made it her mission for the day to find out.

 Turns out that our new private number is listed in association with an old customers account – it whoever had the phone number before us used to have Austar. That is how they got the number. Apparently there was also a snafu with putting our number on the do not call register, so to stop them from calling again I have to re-register with the do not call register.

So there you go. Private phone numbers are no protection against telemarketers if the person who had the number before you was already on their damn call lists!

Who knew?


1. Casdok - January 8, 2008

So frustrating!

2. Anja - January 8, 2008

Assholes, the farking lot of them. I keep getting calls from dudes with weird Bollywood accents TELLING ME that I will NOW be saving fourteen clamshells and a sulfur fart with some piss ant phone company. The tactics of these sneaky bastards is to confuse and baffle you and you inadvertently end up signed up with some fly by night company. (and if anyone reading thinks I’m racist towards anyone from the Sub Continent, I can assure you I ain’t. But I DO DESPISE telemarketers)

When they call me they really regret it. I’m so not polite. Heh, there’s a surprise. *sniggers*

3. alyndabear - January 9, 2008

PRIVATE numbers aren’t safe? That’s just ridiculous.

We were registered on that list at home, yet still got the calls all the time. The internationally based ones really annoyed me, since they were always through dinner time. Got to the point where we avoided any “Out of Area” id’s that showed up on the phone.


4. Desertqueen - January 9, 2008

Ohhhh I hate telemarketers too. Doesn’t everyone? Bummer about the private number being on their records. Surely when Telstra assigned a private number they could have given you a brand spanking new one, instead of something that could be on records somewhere.

Have you listened to the ultimate revenge on a telemarketer – here is a link for it

Enjoy 🙂

5. boneblower - January 9, 2008

Bastards – I’l give the youtube thing a go or if you haven’t got time for all that you could always do Seinfeld “yeah look now’s not really a good time so give me your home number and I’ll call you back when it’s more convenient”!

My brother likes to say ‘hang on a minute’ – puts the phone down and walks away. Comes back later to check (maybe 5 mins later) and then hangs up! They take you off their list when you do stuff like that 🙂 If they’re still there – put the phone down again, you get the picture.

6. magneto bold too - January 9, 2008

Well you know how much I love ’em doncha babe?

Might go back and read my post to remind myself how much 🙂

7. Bettina - January 10, 2008

Oh that bought tears to my eyes I was laughing so much!!

The worst one I ever had was the guy who kept telling me how much money I’d save switching over to whatever no name brand company there were flogging that week. I kept asking him how paying 25 cents a call was cheaper than paying nothing on my current plan and he kept ignoring me. Asshat.

I should post about what I did to that one who rang my mum……………

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