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Aspie? January 6, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, In Laws, Kids, Learning Difficulties, Miss Lou, Parenting.

So I was talking to one of Miss Lou’s aunts today about all the challenges to come in trying to give her social skills a boost so that her start at boarding school isn’t another tease-fest for her, and I mentioned how I had over the past few years come into contact with a few women with children, siblings or spouses on the spectrum. I told her how Miss Lou’s speech therapist and I always thought that something was missing from her diagnosis and that I thought this was the missing link.

She thought my thoughts on the topic had merit.

FINFREAKININALLY someone in the family is taking me seriously, and knows enough about it to understand what I’m talking about and can see why I’m thinking along those lines. Will make it much easier trying to figure out how to help her best in some areas if everyone understands just what is exactly is going on.

Now with her on board, she’ll help explain some of this stuff to the grandparents which will help them understand their grand-daughter a little better and let go of some of their expectations. They only want the best for her, but some of the things they expect her to pick on from other people being good examples or from observation etc, just aint gonna happen. She’s not wired that way.

Another hurdle down.



1. Anja - January 7, 2008

Not wired that way… great comment. Once my wonderland sister was dianosed everything just seem to fall into place. Doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy road for Lou (as you will be well aware of) but it helps to know what you’re dealing with.

Nobody likes being ‘labelled’ but in this case, the label helps to open doors for intervention for Lou.

2. Anja - January 7, 2008

Ooops, sorry about the double up there. Don’t know how the heck that happened. :$

3. Desert Queen - January 7, 2008

You’re knocking these hurdles over at a great rate. Well done and it must feel good.

I hope that if you get Lou diagnosed that it makes it easier for her and perhaps easier for the other kids to understand why she is the way she is. Perhaps easier for them to understand than without a label??? If that makes sense.

4. boneblower - January 7, 2008

You go girl – life’s hard enough without knowing what you’re dealing with. My 8 year old knows because he diagnosed his younger brother in 2006 and I couldn’t have him thinking he’s better than his brother! Took a little while to get over the hurdles, but he’s now in a place of acceptance and has stopped using it as an excuse at school for his behaviour. Don’t ya just love em!!!!

Trust your gut, it rarely steers us wrong 🙂

5. magneto bold too - January 7, 2008

Hugs babe. Still here to talk

6. Casdok - January 8, 2008

Yes mothers instincts are usualy right with these things. Grandparents usualy take a bit longer.

7. tiggymooshoo - January 8, 2008

NIce that you finally have someone on board. It all helps.

8. Nikki - January 13, 2008

YAY YAY **hand flaps and does wiggly dance** With you at the helm and the support of others, there’ll be no stopping ya !! I think I told ya, MIL has mentioned to Chairperson of Autism committee, and FIL has mentioned to my SIL that they both reckon Hubbie is on the spectrum, but they won’t say it to me !!!! Frustrating huh!!! So glad your frustration is over and Lou can get the right support. YOU ROCK !!!!

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