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So many……. January 4, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Family, Goals, Hubby, Kids, Learning Difficulties, Marriage, Miss Lou, My Brigade, Parenting, Ramblings, TJ.

… comments encouraging me with TJ’s reading progress!! Thanks ppls.

We (hubby and I) are determined that our children read well from an early age. They aren’t going to succeed at school without good reading skills. Reading & education opens doors. We know all about that from experience.

My hubby doesn’t read very well. To be frank, I can’t quite figure out how he finished school with his lack of literacy skills. Seems that he was one of those ones that slipped through the cracks in the school system with unrecognised learning difficulites.  You can imagine his frustration as an adult when wanting to move around in the workforce, or up the line in the RFS only to be held back by his level of reading and writing abilities.

I on the other hand am a voracious reader. I learned very early on to escape into books and I like learning about new things, books open up new worlds. I’ve never had to think twice about doing a course or taking on an admin job.

Hubby considers me the brains of the outfit (the outfit being us). It’s not true though. For all my book smarts, I’m not at all practical. Sure I can use machinery, but I don’t intuitively understand how they work or why they aren’t when whatever it is stuffs up. I am not at all mechanically minded. He is by far more practical than me or cleverer than me in so many ways. I would guess that is how he managed to cover for himself throughout school………

But back to my point. We really, really do understand how important reading is, and not only reading, but also enjoying it. Reading opens doors, creates opportunities,  takes us to new worlds, opens us to new experiences, gives us an escape or fun ride to another place and we want our children to be in a position to have all those things.

We have what they would term a “reading rich environment” in our home with a wide range of materials available. We read, we do puzzles, we play games, we play music, we do all those things that reading helps us with and that help us with reading.  And my husband participates too. He sets the example. He wants his son to know that men read.

The result? My girls are voracious readers too. Miss Lou, 13, is currently reading LOTR, the Eragon series and anything else in that genre she can get her hands on. Miss Moo, 11, yesterday chose for herself The Wizard Of Oz, and Treasure Island.  TJ – well you saw my post yesterday but I will just add that he is only 8 and currently making plans to spend his hard earned (and saved) pocket money on the next book in the series that the one he is reading now is from.

And my husband?  His reading skills improved enough to be able to write his own lesson plans to get him through his Rural Fire Instructor course. Now that he’s got the qualification, he mostly sticks to the practical stuff, but you can imagine how chuffed he is, after scraping through school, at the idea of having a piece of paper that says he can teach other people something.



1. Casdok - January 5, 2008

I also love reading. You can learn so much from books (and blogs!)

2. Anja - January 5, 2008

And chuffed he should be. Like you, I can’t imagine a day without reading. But for the person who struggles, life has got to be hell. For hubby to get his fecal matter together, put his nose to the grind stone, pull his socks up (do ya reckon I can jam another cliche in there, as I hate cliches like a hole in the head) 😛

But seriously, hubby should be feeling mega proud of himself. The things that come so naturally to people with literacy are taken for granted. He’s really achieved something massive and should be very proud of himself… as I’m sure you are of him as well.

3. jeanie - January 5, 2008

Good on your hubby!

I am a reading junkie, and was very perplexed when my daughter was not as into reading as I was at her age.

A fair bit of one on one with her and pony books have changed that a bit, but she is still a little way from confident.

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