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Now Where Was I……. January 3, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Christmas, CJ, Family, Gifts, Hubby, In Laws, Kids, Relationships, TJ.

….before my posts were so rudely interrupted by revelations about the freaky ex’s treatment of Miss Lou and the antics of my husband?….. oh yes. The mil.

This is what she gave to TJ for Christmas. dsc00586.jpg

It’s a 3d pull back puzzle car. Took me ages to put the flimsy, fiddly thing together too. It was broken within 5 minutes.

But that’s not the point.

It was wrapped in the plastic bag you can see it sitting on in the pic. That’s right. A plastic bag.

Also in the bag was a packet of Scoubies for Miss Moo (CJ – she’s decided to call me Moomy so I’m calling her Miss Moo in retaliation. I think I’m winning), but that’s not the point either.

I don’t care if T wants to shop at the $2 shop and only buy crap that falls apart during the first good play with it. I really don’t.

But I do mind if she buys big flash presents for their cousins, wraps them prettily in nice bright Christmas paper, complete with bows and gives them out in front of my kids who are later pulled to one side and handed a plastic shopping bag with trinkets in it.

It’s not fair. It’s not nice. It’s not right. It’s no way to treat your grandchildren. It’s not like she didn’t know she would be seeing them all that day. It was at the freakin family gathering on boxing day.

And she wonder’s why her son is so ticked at her lately.

*rolls eyes*



1. Anja - January 4, 2008

Oh yeah, that sucks. That’s like the “mommy dearest” behaviour doled out in the”Land of the Wrong White Crowd” to TGO by her my mother.

It’s deliberate, bitchy, and downright f***ing immature. If ths cow wants to play nahdey, nahdey, nah, nah… let her leave your kids out of it.

2. Anja - January 4, 2008

And as we can tell, Anja needs her coffee. We have had a disaster here this morning, and if someone wants to stay alive, she would want to find me coffee, NOW. That should have read “by her mother” not by her my mother.

Someone shoot me now.

3. Bettina - January 4, 2008

is ok Anja – I read it as “by her mother” – go find your coffee woman before you hurt someone!!

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