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A Study In Human Behaviour January 2, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Funny Stuff, Hubby, Marriage, Relationships.

Hubby was in a bad mood last night. Was acting quite…. like a man with his head up his arse to be honest.

The night ended with me saying to him “I really don’t like you very much right now” and then asking him exactly what kind of arsehole he was!

Long and the short of it is that he went to sleep and snored the night away while I stewed and fumed and read a book till nearly 4am.

I decided to base my reaction to last night on his reaction to me today before deciding whether or not to let him live. He came home in a great mood having wreaked havoc at work all day. He was all up and pleasant and covered in blue paint.

He then proceeded to spend the afternoon “checking” on me.  If I tried to lay down and have a nap, he was hovering in the bedroom doorway asking if I was OK When I was trying to cook tea and tidy up, he was  following me around the house to make sure I was OK or to see if I needed a hand. And when I asked him to fix some things he jumped to comply with my every request at the first ask instead of grudgingly getting to it after the 23rd.

Damn interesting behavior I thought.  He knows he was an arsehole last night.

My husband does not do apologies well. He tries hard not to do them at all. The last time he apologised I think I fainted from the shock of it! The attentive husband bit is his apology. Lucky for him, I’m an understanding sort.

**puts the axe back in the shed**



1. Veronica - January 3, 2008

Ah good, it is always a good day when you can put the axe away. I am still sharpening mine at the moment.

I have had plans to go out today, minus the Toddler for weeks. He has known about these plans, known that he is watching Amy. This morning he decides to be a total arse and carry on about me going out (not alone mind you, I am going out with my GRANDMOTHER).

It will be my first time out without Amy since before she was born.


2. boneblower - January 3, 2008

Just letting you know luv – the offer of a sharpening stone still stands – anytime you’re ready 🙂

Veronica – I hope you enjoy every minute of your freedom, it becomes addictive xox

3. Bettina - January 3, 2008

yes, it does become addictive – thats why they act like asses when the first time happens, they realise you are going back out into the big bad world and may like it out there lol

Thanks Boneblower. My sharpening stone is getting a little worn out mwahahaha

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