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A Reflective New Year? December 31, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Exercise, Family, Finances, Flying, Goals, Health, Housekeeping, Hubby, Kids, Our Home, Recovery, Weight Loss.

Well, I’ve been reading ya’lls blogs (ok not all of you but some of you) with reflections from the year and resolutions for the year to come and it got me thinking what my own would be.

I guess my resolutions for next year are to NOT

  • get arrested
  • move house
  • be sick for a good whack of the year
  • put back on all the weight I’d lost over the previous 18 months 
  • have a hysterectomy
  • have more legal battles with the freak over Miss Lou
  • set my kitchen alight or
  • hit a kangaroo with my car

cos I did all that this year. So. Next year. I’m thinking……………

Financially I’d like to –  

  • reduce our debt by at least $250 a month
  • start voluntary super contributions
  • purchase a new lounge suite
  • purchase a new (used) car
  • purchase a full size piano
  • purchase new mattresses for the kids beds
  • learn to stick to a budget & reduce our household running expenses
  • to be able to pay all sporting/music/excursion fees etc upfront this year.

For our family I’d like to –

  • be more consistent with household routines
  • have a couple of camping weekends away through the year
  • have a weeks family holiday at the coast later in the year
  • have more regular family times
  • host friends and family more often

For myself I’d like to

  • be more consistent with my routines 
  • develop better sleep habits
  • exercise regularly
  • continue to develop better eating habits
  • lose 15 kg’s
  • get the problems with my sinuses sorted
  • get back into crafting group and prayer group regularly
  • get my MR licence so I can drive the fire truck

We’ll see how it goes. Some of those will be fairly easy (like setting up a payment contribution for the super), some will be quite hard and I am not a very disciplined person. I’m seriously hoping with the hysterectomy sorting a few of my health problems that my energy will soon increase again and with it my motivation.

Edit:- I must also go visit some of my internets (especially Kelley)

Wish me luck! 🙂



1. magneto bold too - December 31, 2007

Good resolutions there babe. But you forgot one. Save up and come and visit me and go shoe shopping!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!


2. Bettina - December 31, 2007

rofl! Amen to that!

3. Frogdancer - December 31, 2007

Sounds like 2007 was a very interesting year…..

my life seems very dull now.

Happy New Year!

4. Bettina - December 31, 2007

a little too interesting………. I’ll swap ya? lol

5. FreeFromItAll - January 1, 2008

LOL LOL on the kangaroo. I do hope no one was hurt. I’m from the US, we tend to hit deer and maybe a wondering cow so I had to do a double take.

Have you ever heard of flylady? She helps you keep your house in order by doing small things each day. It’s wonderful for consistency. http://www.flylady.net if you want to check it out. 😀

Best of luck on your new year’s resolutions and congrats on losing weight!!!!!!

6. jeanie - January 1, 2008

lol having only recently met your blog, I will just let my imagination work on your 2007 – but I hope 2008 holds all you hope for!

7. Bettina - January 1, 2008

Hi Freefromitall!

Would you believe that I have been recommending flylayd to other people on their blogs? lol Nice to meet another fellow flyer (or in my case flutterer)

Hi Jeanie. My 2007 was a shocker. 2008 can only be better lol

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9. Dorothy Stahlnecker - January 2, 2008

nice to hear the good thoughts..that’s the first step..stop beating yourself up…your only human….

Love your children, and learn to respect and love yourself…I’ve married for the third time…I’m 61..will be married this time 7 years in May..it can work..I didn’t meet Joe until I was 53… The hardest part in life is accepting yourself and your flaws…every one of us has them along with the good stuff. Focus on the good stuff..you love your children and let them know it. I’ll be back you need some grandma talk…

My best,
Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram

10. Bettina - January 2, 2008

Hi Dorothy, thanks for stopping by my blog!

11. boneblower - January 2, 2008

What a year you’ve had!!!! Here’s hoping you manage all you’ve mentioned and that your energy level comes with fireworks and banners 🙂 I am inspired by your list

12. Bettina - January 2, 2008

aww shucks Boneblower.

With the disaster that 07 was, I figure that 08 can only be better lol

13. FreeFromItAll - January 5, 2008

LOL I read your comments on the forum you are on. I’m laughing that you’re laughing. Bwahahahhahaha.

That’s great you are a flyer! I lurves me some flylady!

14. river - June 19, 2008

I skipped on over to Flylady once and couldn’t get past the fact that she keeps her sink clean and shiny by putting dirty dishes UNDER it! Why not just wash the damn dishes?? Couldn’t read any further and got away from there.

15. Bettina - June 19, 2008

yeah, I just skip over that bit. For the most part her system works quite well for me.

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