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Take That! December 26, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Christmas, Family, Funny Stuff, In Laws.


How do you get your mother in law who doesn’t like you, blames you for being estranged from her son, and who hasn’t spoken to you in 6 months to stop being rude to you at the family Christmas gathering?

Answer –

You start asking her if she got the photo’s of the children that YOU sent to her whilst sitting next to her mother (who adores you) and videotaping the backyard cricket match!

She wasn’t quite game to continue her rudeness in those circumstances! lol

And then a funny thing happened. It’s like a switch flicked in her head and everything was fine again. Before I knew it she was leaning in the car window giving me kisses goodbye and stealing the neighbours junk mail for me to look at!



1. Meg - December 26, 2007

LOL – you didn’t spike her eggnog did you 😉 Glad to hear she was at least civil at the end.

2. Lisa - December 27, 2007

Hugs Bettina, I’m glad that switched clicked on for you. I spoke to my own mother on christmas day to the greeting of “I havent died yet, in case you wondered” and my response was ” I gathered that because i havent been hit with any bills as yet”

He he… I much prefer my MIL…

3. Anja - December 27, 2007

LMFAO… I love Lisa’s comment. I’m so going to snag that when my biatch of a mother gives me the guilt trip call on my birthday. Thanks Lisa, you’re a doll.

4. Bettina - December 27, 2007

lol Meg! no, no spiking involved………… although I dream of burning her at the stake sometimes…….. 😉

lmao Lisa! I like my ex MIL best.

5. magneto bold too - December 27, 2007

I have the ultimate. Mine is compost. I never have to deal with that racist, sexist, how-could-you-steal-my-favourite-child, conniving, lying biatch of a MIL ever again.

How hard was it not to bury the bitch myself when the minister asked me if I would like to throw some soil on her coffin…..

Even photos of her raise my blood pressure….

I am glad the switch flicked for you.

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