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I nearly have a kitchen again! December 21, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Uncategorized.

I’m just waiting on them to finish off the grout, seal up the sink and install my new stove. They’ll do the floor after Christmas, but I’m not worried about that. It only had a couple of tiny scorch marks on it anyhow.

They are doing a great job and the young apprentice who is doing most of the work is a very nice young man, but I just want all these people out of my house so I can finish getting organised for Christmas!!

That’ll learn me to burn down the kitchen! lol



1. Marita - December 21, 2007

Christmas two years ago was hosted by my brother in law. He had burnt down his kitchen about a year before hand.

The night before the big family party found 6 of us still desperately trying to put his kitchen together. We succeeded and it is now a funny family story.

I’m glad your kitchen is getting finished off a little sooner than that.

2. nicolebeltane - December 22, 2007

great news.. cant wait to see pics of it..


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