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Can A Mother Get Any Privacy? December 18, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Cancer, Car, Church Stuff, Fire, Funny Stuff, Hysterectomy, Kids, TJ.

No I’m not talking about going to the loo or having a shower without an audience. I’m talking about just living my day to day life.

Can a mother get any privacy in which to stuff up, make mistakes, have accidents and be stupid without it being splashed all over town?

Apparently not.

I have had members of not one but two churches and half the school praying for my fast recovery from my cancer scare last year, my hysterectomy this year and various other ailments. (Not that I don’t appreciate the prayers cos I really do). 

I’ve had people at the school that I only know to say hello to ask me about our move or wish me happy birthday.

And I’ve had virtual strangers ask me about stuff that just gobsmacked me.

My son (God love him) loves to pray and his class has prayer time every morning (the kids go to a catholic school). He prays about anything and everything that pops into his ever loving little head. Obviously he is a little too young yet to realise that mum might be embarrassed to have so many little people praying for the health of her cervix or other womanly bits and pieces. And of course from there things zip around the school and then the parish at light speed. It’s faster than taking out on add in the school newsletter or parish bulletin!

And lets not forget show and tell……… today he took in part of the broken grill from our car that I picked up off the road after we hit the frickin roo the other day. Sigh.  I’m sure that he would have taken some of the burnt debris from the fire the other week in too had he been able fit it in his bag.

He’s just this year learnt some modesty and stopped with the nuddie runs all over the house. Hopefully soon he’ll learn the concept of privacy too so I can stuff up, make mistakes, have accidents and be stupid without being also being embarrassed because every man and his dog knows about it! 



1. Anja - December 19, 2007

When TJ is in earshot, make sure he overhears your plans for sacrificing the goat for the Yule festivities. That should make for some prayers around the school that doesn’t involve your personal plumbing. 😉

2. Talia - December 20, 2007

Hopefully your son will get the drift sooner rather then later! Good luck. 🙂

3. magneto bold too - December 20, 2007

sorry babe but it will never happen. Kids will always broadcast our mistakes, we just have to learn to be smarter. make it embarrassing for them or look like we did it on purpose..

4. Bettina - December 21, 2007

Oh I look like I do a lot of things on purpose……….. but I wasn’t quite quick enough to ad lib “ooo lets get the roo”.

I think I quite like Anja’s idea…………. but then I often tell my children completely outrageous stories anyhow. lmao

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