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Skippy, Skippy, Skippy the Sore Kangaroo December 16, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Car, Christmas, Hubby, Kids.

Skippy must be sore tonight.

 “Why is that?” you may very well be thinking.

Cos I frickin well hit him with my car!

Luckily I was only 1/2 km out of town and only doing 80km/hr when it happened. He came out of long grass on the side of the road, I had no chance of missing it.

I’ve only ever hit one thing before, the tree that I wrapped my parents car around (literally) when I was 17 and stupid.

It freaked me out a little…….. until I realised that what I had seen flying around up the side of the car was the shattered parking light and not parts of the kangaroo. Freaked the kids right out, I’m talking tears and “take me home mummy” being wailed from the back seat.

We high-tailed it back into town and I’ll be damned if the stupid kangaroo didn’t jump out in front of me again!! Skippy has a death wish I’m sure! We managed to waved my hubby down as he was heading out in the truck to get him to check the car over. The front grill is smashed, and the left parking light is gone, and the bumper is a little out of whack, but that’s it. Luckily. Fortunately I’d only clipped it with the front left hand corner of the car, if it had hit in the middle, we’d have been in trouble. It was a BIG roo.

Hubby was pissing himself laughing after he’d checked the car out. Our bonnet always sticks a little and is a bugger to open. Well, it used to be. It pops open quite easily now. He was all “well you mighta fucked the parking light, but you sure did a good job fixing the bonnet”. Asshat. At least the kids stopped freaking out once they saw their dad laughing about it all though.  

Then he’s says to me “It’s only got to last another 9 months, don’t write it off just yet”.  Haha freakin’ ha. Think ya funny don’t ya?

Anyone got a kangaroo suit I can dress him up in? 😉



1. Desertqueen - December 17, 2007

owwwweeeeee, glad you only clipped it with the corner of the car. Skippy can do some real damage if you’re not lucky, to you and the car. Glad that you and the kids are OK too and that your DH has a sense of humour.

Naahhhh, no Kangaroo suits here, I did have a gorilla suit though, will that do?????

2. Marita - December 17, 2007

EEEK! Kangaroos can be very scary to run into. Glad you and the children are all okay.

3. lightening - December 17, 2007

I’m glad you’re okay. That’s one thing I’ve never actually done – hit a kangaroo. Mostly because I don’t like driving at night.

My DH had a scary encounter one day. He got out to make sure the kangaroo was dead (lying on the road) because it’s not humane to leave them suffering. Blighter must have only been stunned because as he leant over it, it suddenly got up and bounded away. He’s lucky it didn’t turn on him. They can be quite vicious in an attack.

4. Anja - December 17, 2007

And when you run over DH and bugger up the other side of the car, you can say to the nice men in blue “But honestly, officer… I’ve had problems with the ‘roos jumping out in front of the car and I thought he was just another kamikaze kanga”

5. magneto bold too - December 17, 2007

I like the way Anja thinks….

My girlfriend hit a womat once. Totaled the bottom of her car and the bloody thing walked away!

6. Bettina - December 17, 2007

Ah Kelley – Anja is the person who taught me the word Asshat! lol

lmao Anja – if that doesn’t work I’ll say “but you’s told me last time that the next time I hit someone to make sure I hurt them! Didn’t I do it right?”

7. Bettina - December 17, 2007

lol @ me I thought I answered some earlier comments earlier but hadn’t at all.

I’m not sure that I could claim to mistake a gorilla for a native animal, but I could try Priscilla lol

Thanks Marita. The kids were still a little shook up this morning, but were ok by this afternoon.

Yes Lightening, Kangaroos can be quite vicious. My hubby made me go check on one that he hit a few years back while he fixed the damage it did to his truck, but when I got there it was definately dead. **shudders**

8. Anja - December 18, 2007

Praise the Goddess for the typo fairy. 🙂 And I must add, I’m only on infusion number 3 of Brazil’s finest, so the combo of a typo and me not reading was fanfarkintastic.

I read “My girlfriend hit a womat once. Totaled the bottom of her car and the bloody thing walked away!” Now to me in my only slightly caffeine infused state it was “My girlfriend hit a WOMAN once and the bloody thing walked away”

So I’m thinking “Don’t you have a crowbar/crooklock/lump of 4×2 in the car? The humane thing to do would be to finish the bugger/woman off” 😀

9. Bettina - December 18, 2007

Rofl!! I gotta admit that I read the same thing initially!

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