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Smiley Saturday December 15, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Family, Funny Stuff, Kids, Smiley Saturday, TJ.


The kids  brought their report cards home yesterday. After the usual tug-a-war with the kids over who had the right to open the reports and have a look first, I finally hogtied and stuffed them in the blanket box convinced them that the right was mine and got to have a look in peace. 

They were quite good. CJ has made great progress with her maths, TJ has made great gains with his english, they both had wonderful results and comments from their home room teachers.

I really had to giggle though……. TJ’s best result was in RE (Religious Education).  I have to wonder if his result would have still been that good had his teacher known about the whole “lets shoot the reconcilliation sheep” fiasco! lmao

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1. Trish - December 15, 2007

I am waiting to see my DS – I don’t think he will make Santa’s good list.

2. Bettina - December 15, 2007

awwww………. that bad?

3. Anja - December 16, 2007

My year 10 English teacher wrote on my report:

“Anja spends far too much time daydreaming and if she continues will find herself gainfully employed in a pickle factory.”

I must look her up one day and raise the middle finger in her general direction 🙂

4. magneto bold too - December 16, 2007

Anja, or fart in her general direction….

I don’t get my girls until Thursday. Considering that presentation night is Tuesday and I have to go to watch Moo dance and perform a play and NOT receive an honour, I don’t have high hopes for this report…..

5. Desertqueen - December 16, 2007

Ah, one benefit fo paying school fees. I BUY the right to open the report first………… mwahahahahhahaha

DD’s is snail mailed and I think that DS Is threatened with death by the teachers if they open it. And it comes in a sealed envelope so impossible to take a sneak peek without someone knowing LOL

6. Bettina - December 16, 2007

Ours are hand delivered by our children unopened on threat of death by their teachers too…….. that doesn’t stop them from wanting to argue the point though! lol

Perhaps you could raise your middle finger and fart in her general direction Anja!

Awww Kelley…….. just remember the night Too stayed up with Boo so you could sleep and the great artwork Moo does to help your party plans and prep! 😉

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