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Last of the Great Romantics! December 14, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Funny Stuff, Health, Hubby, Hysterectomy, Recovery.

So my hubby practically growls at me the other day that I’d better hurry up and get healed so he can jump my bones.

 Doesn’t a proposal like that just make you want to kick something  swoon?




1. Desertqueen - December 15, 2007

Ahh yes, the Romantics. My DH is one of them too. He used to give the best foot massages when we were going out, then we got married and it all stopped. I told him the other day that I thought that we should get divorced and live in sin so that he would have to give me foot massages again LMAO. He didn’t think that it was a good idea though, not sure why, maybe he doesn’t want to give me foot massages anymore……….

2. Bettina - December 15, 2007

yes, its like a switch in their brain gets turned of cos “I’ve got her now so can stop trying so hard”

3. Meg - December 15, 2007

So nice that he’s concerned about your health LOL

4. katef - December 15, 2007

Ah some men are just sooooooo romantic!

5. Nicole Beltane - December 15, 2007

hi i have tagged you for a meme over at http://nbeltane.blogspot.com/

6. Bettina - December 15, 2007

Hi Meg, yes its lovely isn’t it? lol

Aren’t they just Kate! lol

Thanks Nicole, I’ll get to it tomorrow.

7. Anja - December 16, 2007

Yeah, Casanova has nothing on your Dear Hubby. Such a proposal gives one a weak and wistful feeling… right in the bowel.

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