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I am SO Ticked! December 13, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Kids, Miss Lou.

Lou was left at home to her own devices again today. So she rang everyone she knew until she found someone with time to sit and chat to her. Granma got caught for half an hour, then she got me. She’s nearly 14 now, just finished year 7 and going to high school next year (the QLD system must be a little different)

So she is excitedly chatting away about all her end of year stuff…….. school broke up yesterday, her school concert was a couple of weeks ago and she performed a singing solo, she got her first period yesterday, her graduation dinner was lots of fun, she didn’t get to go to her graduation ceremony at school, she’s looking forward to high school next year…….  

 Hold on, back up. She didn’t get to attend her graduation??? Why not? Good question.

Seems that her dad was out of town chasing fools gold at some damn conference for his latest get rich quick scheme and he took the “family van” and left behind his crappy old car that wouldn’t have made the trip. Seems that his lovely wife decided that moving the seat back and adjusting the steering column in the crappy car so she could drive it was just all too much trouble to go to.

 I am SO pissed at them! No matter what the problems were when she was here, my spouse NEVER treated her like a second class citizen.

Then she tells me that she hasn’t been back to the orthodontist about getting her teeth straightened and that her dad left it completely up to her about whether or not to even get it done. WTF? Since when does a 13 year old girl know better than a dentist whether or not her teeth need to be straightened to prevent problems later down the track?

And he thinks there is something wrong with my parenting skills. Bahahaha

Idiot Asshats. Him and his wife.


1. magneto bold too - December 14, 2007

Yeah. Asshats. I can’t believe some people could be so selfish!

2. Bettina - December 14, 2007

The problem is that she’s a posession to him and as for her……lost interest as soon as her biological kids started to arrive … grrrr makes my blood boil!

3. Talia - December 15, 2007

This is seriously terrible. What kind of a person can do that?

4. Bettina - December 15, 2007

a freaky one. It’s a long sad and sorry tale. Suffice to say that he’s a dickhead

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