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What A Mess! November 24, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Fire, Hubby, Our Home.

Yesterday I was just feeling daft for having a damn fire in the kitchen.

So today on top of feeling stupid, I also feel guilty. I haven’t been able to help cleaning the kitchen up. Every time I stepped foot near it I started coughing. Asthma type coughing. Argh.

I only usually get asthma if I have a bad cold and it goes to my chest. Since I quit smoking a few years back, I only get it a couple of times a year if I’m unlucky, but I had asthma last night after the lungful of crap I inhaled trying to put out the fire. I’ve never had an asthma attack on the fireground. But then bushfire smoke doesn’t contain fumes from chemicals/plastics etc either

Consequently my poor hubby, who has had 3 out of state trips this week and is leaving for another one tomorrow morning, has had to spend the entire day cleaning the kitchen for me. Every wall, every surface, every cupboard has smoke/soot/fire extinguisher powder on or in it.

He hasn’t made it up to the ceiling yet and part of the upper walls (our ceiling is 11ft high in places) but when I peeked in for a look a little while ago, he’d cleaned up enough that I was OK. I guess the kids and I will clean out some more of the cupboards tomorrow.

Maybe then I won’t feel so damn useless, after I’ve done something.



1. Dollfinn! - November 26, 2007

Hugs Hun, you are NOT useless. The fumes from a single peice of plastic (cup, container etc) are bad enough to kill someone, so no wonder you have asthma from trying to put out the fire. You look after yourself and get better so that you can get through your op. Dont worry about feeling useless, just get yourself well! Many Hugs!

2. Precious_1 - November 26, 2007

:O can’t you let me wallow in self pity for just one day?? lol

Tis cool hon. I’m good. Hubby would have kicked my arse if I’d tried to help and got sick. I know I had to stay out of there, just felt bad for him.

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