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Anyone Else Nearly Burn Down Their Home Today? November 23, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Fire, Kids, Our Home, TJ.
have noticed this funny little thing happen to me over the past 6 months. Sometimes if I’ve been busy (like I have a bit lately), when I sit down quietly for a few minutes I fall asleep. I might only sleep for 15 minutes, but I seriously just can’t keep my eyes open. This is important in understanding what happened this afternoon.

I dyed my hair this morning. Then had a shower to rinse it out. Hopped out of the shower and had to wander in the living room to find some clothes, then wandered out to the kitchen thinking a hash brown would hit the spot. I turned on the stove element, put the saucepan with some oil in it on the element, popped a hash brown in and wandered back into the bedroom to get dressed. I got distracted by a phone call. I then found myself sitting for a minute and feeling this wave of tiredness wash over me. Next thing I know the smoke alarm is going off and my kitchen is on fire!

I grab the fire extinguisher and the damn thing jammed so I’ve grabbed the phone and called 000. Meantime the flames are half way up the frickin wall! I then attempted to smother the flames and remove the saucepan from the heat, but was too late. I ran out of the room when I heard a hissing sound coming from an aerosol can on a shelf above the microwave near the stove. A minute or two later it exploded, punching a whole in the dining room wall and shooting flames everywhere. Sounded and looked quite scary. I’ve dealt with much bigger fires n the bush, but it’s a little different having one in your own kitchen, then having something explode and watching flames shooting out into your laundry.

I ended up with 6 police officers in 3 different cars, 2 fire trucks an ambulance and country energy out the front of the house. The neighbours will have a field day gossiping about this!

There isn’t any structural damage, but boy is it a MESS! There would have been no damage, apart from smoke damage, except for the saucepan and stovetop if the can hadn’t exploded. And you never know just how many cobwebs you have until they are covered in soot. My whole kitchen/dining is covered in white dry chemical powder. My half burnt microwave and a packet of half burnt napkins are sitting on the front lawn. The burnt saucepan, kitchen scales, recipe books etc are sitting on the back lawn.

I called a g/f to pick me up so I could go somewhere to calm down and make some phonecalls. So we ducked past the school and picked up the kids. CJ hops in the car and says to me “geez you look like you’re having a bad hair day mum”. I say “honey you have NO idea”. My g/f’s daughter sniggers from the backseat. Then TJ tells me that they heard sirens during assembly and wonders out loud where they were going. I tells him very calmly “oh they were just going to our house”. We spent the rest of the afternoon at my g/f’s home with her hubby telling TJ that “my wife is a better cook than your mum cos she hasn’t burnt the house down….. yet”.

Poor CJ was devastated when we got home and discovered that a painting she had made for me was burnt and the hand decorated glass she was given at her auntie’s wedding had been broken when the firemen opened the windows to ventilate the house.

TJ is most concerned that we have two less options for cooking food now that the stove and microwave are fubar. He was most relieved when I reminded him that we still have the electric frying pan and the BBQ. He was also very concerned that our food might have got damaged, but then he remembered that the pantry is on the other side of the kitchen well away from the fire. Boys. Always thinking with their stomachs!

Hubby was just concerned that I saved the kettle. He let out a yowl of protest when I informed him that his cappacino’s were ash and the moccona was stuffed. So nice that his priorities are straight.



1. Lisa - FIA - November 23, 2007

OMG… Glad it was only damage done to the kitchen and that they are replacable….

Big hugs coming your way…

2. Anonymous - November 24, 2007

Oh Sh&^. Glad everyone is ok and not hurt. I haven’t seen it first hand (and don’t want to) but the aerosol cans are literally lethal in a fire.

Hugs and hope you get everything cleaned up. Babysteps!!! And remember, everyone is OK. That is the most important thing.


3. The Arthur Family - November 24, 2007

OMG so glad you are ok! and that things were better than they could have been.
men & their stomachs UGH

HUGS hun

4. Precious_1 - November 24, 2007

Thanks Lisa, Priscilla and Chandelle.

I think I would have gotten it under control myself if not for that damn aerosol can. I always thought that the shelf above the stove top was a bad idea and never put cans up there. I think hubby or one of the kids may have sat it there. Oh well. The owners insurance will cover the damage to the stove, benchtop and walls and we only have to replace a kettle, the toaster and our microwave – could have been a hell of a lot worse!

5. lightening - November 24, 2007

I’m so glad you’re okay. Sounds scary. Honestly, there are safer ways to come up with blog fodder you know!!!! 🙂

6. beebeejaybee - November 24, 2007

Looks like you did a good job of it, I’ve done it twice both with fat in the grill glad the first time the frire blanket worked and the second the extinguisher did (I now hve a bigger extinguisher.

apparently its not cobwebs its protien thats what it does when it gets on fire

7. Kelley - November 24, 2007

….well coffee is important!

So glad you are alright babe. That aerosol can business is shit scary! I am going to go and take the fly spray out of the cupboard above the stove now!!!

LMAO at Lightening! I was going to say something similar 🙂 Much better post than my efforts last night!

8. Precious_1 - November 26, 2007

lolol Jodi!! My sis in law reckons there are less extreme ways to get a new microwave.

hmmmm perhaps a small fire that destroys the crap coffee machine would serve Kelley better than putting out…… lmao

Thanks BeeBee – I didn’t think I had THAT many cobwebs!

Yes Kelley. Coffee is important. Fortunately his coffee swilling sister who escapes to our house on weekend morings to sneak ciggarettes had a spare kettle so they could both enjoy their java! lol

And yes, get those cans out of above stove cupboards.

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