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And Now We Get To Clean The Carpet………. November 9, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Flying, Housekeeping, Our Home.

Last night I decided to defrost my upright deep freezer. From experience I know to put some trays down to catch some of the drips, but the thing that catches the most water is to put some towels around the front of the door.

I had forgotten about our floors.

See, this house seems like it was put together rather quickly without much thought. The floors all run toward the middle of the slab. So instead of water puddling around the front of the freezer as it defrosted, it dripped onto the floor, ran behind the fridge, under the wall and out into the middle of my living room!

If I have a flood in the laundry I end up with water all over the toilet floor as well that then runs through to the hallway. And there is no floor drainage in any wet area.

So tomorrow we get to clean the carpet to get rid of the water stain. And I thought I was simply defrosting my freezer!

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