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Not The Bunnies!! November 1, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Uncategorized.

My cat has been so lazy today.

“Yes but all cats are lazy.” I can hear you saying.

But are all cats so lazy that when being tormented and place into awkward poses all they can do in response is mouth a soundless meow? Or how about knowing that you are in the car and not jumping off it even after you start driving out the driveway lazy?

That’s how lazy he was today.

Must have been the rabbit.

Now we normally have our cats inside by the kids bedtime, but last night with sick kids I didn’t go looking for them till later. Meantime Coal (hubby’s cat) had caught a rabbit. A wild grey one. Not someones pet. You can usually count anywhere from 6 to 20 of the things in our street at night. Sox (my cat) waited until Coal was off guard then stole it from her. Hubby and I were not chasing them chasing each other with the dead rabbit at 11 o’clock at night so went to bed and left them to it. Must have been a very merry chase indeed for him to be this tired today! LOL

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