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So I’m Lying In Bed This Morning And……… October 30, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Hubby, Kids.

hubby gets up and wanders out the back to have a ciggie then checks on TJ getting ready for school (yes wearing my dressing gown) when CJ, who is not feeling well, comes into the room, jumps in hubby’s side of the bed and snuggles in for the morning.

Needless to say hubby was less than impressed. I told him that he’d obviously forgotten the 15 minute rule – if you are out of bed for more than 15 minutes you are up and forfeit all bed rights.

So he starts mucking around walking in and out of the bedroom growling at the bednapper daughter. At one stage he comes running in the with insect spray yelling about a cockroach being in the bed. I tell him its a pink cockroach in its dressing gown. She informs me that she’s a breast cancer cockroach!

He give up after that! LMAO



1. Kelley - October 31, 2007

LMAO. Sounds like a lovely morning babe.

2. Precious_1 - October 31, 2007

it was!


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