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Umahhh! October 26, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Christmas.

Apparently I’ve done the norti thing and mentioned the “c” word…….. Christmas! lol.

I must admit though to freakin myself out a little last night. I was sitting here thinking “well its CJ’s b/day so its only 8 weeks till Christmas” then I thought “oh shit! I’m getting operated on in 4 weeks so need to be ready WAYYYYYY early”

I’ve taken stock today and its not as bad as I first thought.

All of hubby’s and the kids gifts are either ordered through Chrisco/Castle or on layby. I only have one niece, one nephew and parents left to acquire gifts for. One set of grandparents disapprove of us spending money on them and the kids are capable (with minimum supervision) of making chocolates and I can give CJ a small embroidered banner to make without much difficulty. The two sets of grandparents on hubby’s side only ever get photo’s from us so I just have to pick some and get nice prints made up. My parents…….. well……… I’ll think of something I”m sure! lol A voucher from the local second hand book shop for my dad and something crafty for mum. As long as I’ve figured out what I’m making before my op, I’ll be able to get it done while I”m resting up after.

The tree we usually put up the first weekend in December. Given that my op is a few days before we’ll just put it up a week early. I’m also going to drag out my boxes of stuff so I can figure out where I want things to go. I figure that sitting in bed giving orders to others about where I want things still counts as resting! lol

I just need to make a plan so that all the big jobs are taken care of before my op or by someone else. As long as I get some kind of plan together I think it should all be pretty smoothly.

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