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Are We There Yet? October 20, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in My Brigade.

We were all sitting around at the back of the station tonight watching our various spawn cook tea on the BBQ, when the ex captain shows up to have a sticky beak. He calls the captain over to have a “private chat” and expresses some concern that other members are still angry at him and holding a grudge.

We’ve only had one training night since reforming last week and he’s already come to that conclusion? I could understand him raising that kind of concern if after a month or so people weren’t talking to him and he wasn’t being included in brigade activities, but after just one week, one training night and one job in which he was asked to participate, he had decided that some of us are angry and grudgeful? Makes you wonder who’s not giving whom a go.

It’s a bit of a joke really. The fact is that most of us are quite beyond hurt or angry. The level of ridiculousness has left most just plain old tired. Tired of bullshit and crap. The real issue here is trust and that is something that may take quite some time to rebuild.

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