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The Freakin’ Secretary RESIGNED! October 19, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in My Brigade.

The newly appointed secretary/treasurer of our newly formed brigade only lasted 7 days. On the 8th day she resigned! So the executive held an emergency meeting and decided to appoint a replacement. I found out a few hours later…….. AFTER they had confirmed it with the bosses from the zone office.

The phone call went something like this………

the captain:- “Bettina?”
Me: – ” Yes Brian?”
the captain:- “P. has resigned”
Me:- – “oh”
the captain:- “guess what?”
Me: – “what”
the captain:- “you’re it”
Me: – “I am?”
the captain:- “yep congratulations”
Me: – “asshole”
the captain:- “bahahahaha

She hadn’t done much except for typing up last week’s minutes and checking the PO Box. So, yesterday I had to sort out what the bank needed to open the new brigade account, collect signatures, find minutes, make a new letter head, write letters, close store accounts, open new store accounts, chase the other exec members for more signatures, order enough meat to feed God only knows how many people for 3 days, create new sign on sheets and try to find some contact details for members so we could organise crews. All this while being shit-stirred mercilessly by the fella’s.

This morning I spent trying to figure out what office supplies I needed to set up the office how I would like it, and how I was going to file/sort paperwork etc, all without the benefit of being able to see what was in the filing cabinet as the keys had been lost. Three hours, much more shit-stirring and $400 later I have a fully stocked office, the kitchen supplies are replenished and there is enough food in the place to feed a small army. Only then did one of the guys finally break into the filing cabinet for me to discover that I didn’t need 1/3 of the stationary I brought. Keys are very handy things. So are bolt cutters.

Its been quite a funny day actually – some executives from the old brigade were 1st class hoarders. We have been finding equipment, supplies and uniforms all over the place in padlocked lockers with no keys, hidden in cupboards, and shoved in boxes. I have a feeling that its going to take us quite a while to get an accurate picture of what exactly is in our station.

I think I’m on top of the secretary side of the job as of this evening, although mid afternoon if one more person had asked me just one more question I would have happily stuffed their head in the filing cabinet and set it alight. At that point I came home for a couple of hours to just sit in the cool quiet, enjoy the chatter of my children and clear my head.

Tomorrow we start to set up our financial record system. Fortunately I have a qualified book keeper on hand to help with that. By far the biggest job is going to be to sort and archive the 13 years worth of paperwork from the old brigade. We have been finding paperwork stashed all over the station too. It will be a bit-by-bit-over-quite-a-few-months job methinks.

But the thing that makes me smile, the thing that I’m really really proud of the past two days…………… my washing is done, dry & folded, the dishwasher is packed and the sink is shiny!



1. Kelley - October 21, 2007

Yay at keeping up your routines!

That post really made me laugh. You funny bugger!

You should have called him an ‘asshat’ instead of arsehole….. I lurve that word now!

2. Precious_1 - October 21, 2007

lol! I promise I’ll call someone that this week and I’ll tell you all about it ok?

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