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I’m Ready! October 14, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Kids.

Their uniforms are ironed and waiting on the ends of their beds. Their lunches are made and sitting in the fridge. Their shoes are shined. Their bags are packed and waiting near the door.

I am soooooooo very ready for school to go back tomorrow! lol

I love my kids. And I love spending time with them. And I love school holidays. I love the break in routine. I love not having to be anywhere. I love being able to make the day up as we go along.

But today, I am just ready for some “alone time” and tomorrow…… I shall have it!



1. Erin! - October 14, 2007

LOL Precious I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow.

DD doesnt go back to school until tuesday. DS well lol he is at home all day anyway, but its very quiet when its just him and he is more eager to do stuff when DD is not here to take away his center spotlight of attention.

I will need the break from DD too because she is soo full on, normal 6 yr old girl really, but unlike DS she can’t sit still or self entertain for very long without doing something naughty (like cutting off the end of her plait or drawing on books etc).

I will spend the time she is at school recovering my house (easier to do when not having to 1. entertain DD, 2. stop the endless poke fests or fights between DD and DS.

and 3, which will sound crazy, having DD constantly asking to help with things. She is a good helper but being no fear and a 6 year old, her helping takes a lot of patience, time, sanity and in some cases, she simply cant help (like repainting the house or rebuilding the bathroom) and when you say no, she gets upset and either has her feelings hurt and cries or she throws a tantrum.

Both reactions i fully understand, I still remember being told I was too young to understand a concept and it driving me crazy because I already did understand it.

But there are still times I just have to say no to her for my own sanity, so easier to do some things when she isn’t here.

Hehe and DBF will be at work, so DS and I will have a lovely quiet day on tuesday (he needs alone time too, lol his sister wears him out mentally and physically).

Doesnt mean we dont love DD or DBF but its nice to have quiet time.

So I fully understand where you are coming from.

2. Kin - October 15, 2007

I hear ya Precious! My kids are at daycare today, and I’m loving the alone time. I’ve achieved a lot today, and with no stress as well. I’m hoping it’ll mean the three days they have home will be just as stress free!

3. lightening - October 15, 2007

How come Erin! never leaves essays in the comments section of my blog? *sob* I’m soooo jealous.

As for being ready…..mmmmm….I forgot that it’s a good idea to get organised for “back to school”. Fortunately DH told DS to check he had a uniform. DS had to come back after leaving cos he needs a hat this term. Couldn’t find the one he usually likes so had to take the “uncool” one. We only had 1 to get off as DD had an appointment today.

You did very well. 🙂

4. Kelley - October 15, 2007

Hope you enjoyed your day!!!!

And Jodi, now Erin! will leave mammoth comments in your blog and then Bettina will try and beat her and then post it twice….

LMAO. THAT was probably the funniest thing I have seen today!

5. Precious_1 - October 15, 2007

Well as long as you got a laugh out of it Kelley thats the main thing! lol But I must concede defeat to Erin’s superior essay length commenting skills!

I had uniforms washed a week prior and bags, hats, pencil cases, lunchbags etc cleaned & washed out the weekend before. I don’t like to be trying to organise for back to school on Sunday night. I made them find library books and sharpend their pencils and swap old glue sticks for new ones as well lol.

I very much enjoyed my day Erin. I know what you mean about your DD being so full on. My Lou was a very full on child, she just was always doing stuff, and couldn’t entertain herself without breaking or destroying something, but she wouldn’t do anything she was asked either unless she damn well wanted to. Makes me kinda glad that her dad has her for the onset of adolescent hormonal surges mwhahahaha. Payback for being an absentee father when she was little is going to be a bitch! And her name is Miss Lou! rofl.

But I digress. My TJ is a helper too and gets frustrated when his ability doesn’t quite make the mark. I think i’ve managed to muddle through though and at 8 he’s still wanting to help so I’m thinking thats a good thing.

Enjoy your quiet day tomorrow!

6. Precious_1 - October 15, 2007

Sorry and Kin, I always found when the kids were little that those one or two days a week when I had them in day care let me get enough done so that the days when they were home may have been chaotic but weren’t overstressed chaotic. Enjoy!

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