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000 October 10, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Random Thoughts.

I’ve noticed this past week or so on one of the television stations between 11:30 and midnight there are adds encouraging children to ring 000 in an emergency. The characters on the add look like they include a fairy, a superhero, a magician, the kangaroo from the hooley dooleys and some purple weird eared creature from teletubbies or some such strange programme. Its an OK add. I’m sure little kids would like it.

My question however is this…………. how many toddlers do they think sit up watching telly at that time of night? Wouldn’t the advertising dollars be better spent in the morning during ……. hmmm lets see……. the shows the kids actually watch?

Methinks someone dropped the ball…………..



1. Kelley - October 10, 2007

*sitting here rocking rocking*


kids up at midnight

*rock rock*

Make the nasty lady stop Mummy. Make her stop mocking me…….

Seriously, yeah you do have a point and funnily enough I haven’t seen the ad…

2. Erin! - October 12, 2007

Not that I have seen the 000 add (well havent paid attention if i have) but maybe they couls swap its time slot with the pepsi max add where the girls says “i cant take you all the way” so they press it to max, car dies and she says “oh i guess we will be spending the night then”. Grrr even my 6 year old knows what they are talking about now, why on earth is this add on during kids movies, ok the timeslot is up to 9.30pm that my kids are watching tv, but surely someone noticed that movies like Limony Snickets Series of Misfortunate Events is GOING TO BE WATCHED BY KIDS!

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