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TJ and the Shower October 8, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Kids.

The past few weeks have seen the rise of a perplexing and frustrating phenomenon. TJ (now 8) has decided that in the interests of keeping his showers quick that he shall turn it on while he undresses, then turn it off while he redresses into his pj’s without actually hopping under the water. Apparently if I am not going to allow him enough time to thoroughly soak the bathroom while playing cars for half an hour under the running water then he isn’t going to be clean. At all. Ever.

Some nights I have had to send him back to the shower 3 or 4 times before he will finally hop in and actually wash himself. He would be quite happy to forgo showers altogether and pj’s and just wear the same clothes all day, then sleep in them at night too for weeks on end I am sure.

Having already used the “if you don’t start washing yourself I’ll have to bath you like a baby” to no avail I am now unsure of what mother’s barb to pull out of my arsenal next. Have no fear though, it will come to me. This is not Miss Lou that I am dealing with – I have so far always come out on top with the other two!



1. Kin - October 8, 2007

I’m going to sound like Dr Phil here, but what the hell.

“Find his currency”

We are having drama’s with the bath water ending up all over the floor. The threat of no swimming lessons put a quick stop to that. But I have to use a different currency for each child.

2. Erin! - October 8, 2007

I like the currency idea, will spring that on my DS when we get the bathroom back into working order. He is currently enjoying the fact he only has to have one shower per week plus three on every second sat/sun that daddy has them. He does often sleep in teh same clothes and its getting harder and harder to tell lol cause he wears the same clothes nearly all the time and i now cant tell which is clothes and which is pyjamas some days (lots of them are army fatigue pattern lol and all look the same to me). I am having to go by how many sets of his clothes come out of the washing machine in comparison with how many sets of his sisters clothes.

3. Precious_1 - October 9, 2007

I’m going to have to follow through on the bath threat. I won’t physically bathe him as he’s a big boy and starting to develop some modesty, but I think a week of baths instead of showers should do the trick.

With Miss CJ the currency is definately her social life. A good grounding brings her up very quickly.

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