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Chocolate Helps! October 4, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Health, Kids.

I’m sitting listening to the musical (to my ears) sound of TJ vacuuming while teasing the cat and eating some chocolate. Yes, some may say not to tease the cat, but I say if he’s in the way of me seeing the monitor or trying to walk on my keyboard or sitting on the mouse then he deserves everything he gets. Besides. It’s damn funny!

I’ve really been craving the chocolate this week – not an uncommon occurrence for me at ‘that time of the month’. I’ve actually eaten 3/4 of a block in the past 4 days which is quite a lot for me. A block can often last me a month or more (providing no one else finds it). Maybe not the healthiest form of self medication, but at least its better than cigarettes right? But damn it all, if it wasn’t so choc full of chocolatey goodness that makes me feel better than I wouldn’t crave it. So its the chocolates fault you see, not mine…………….



1. Kelley - October 6, 2007

My craving is bacon 🙂 Those Macca’s ads ‘bacon. bacon, bacon’ are driving me nuts!

WOW re the chocolate lasting that long. In this house a family block is lucky to last a day! But we have got 3 hormonal women here.

2. Precious_1 - October 6, 2007

Thats why I hide it!! lol

3. Erin! - October 6, 2007

LOL yes hiding it, chocolate, biscuits and any other treat i do not want DD or DBF pinching and Scoffing. I keep having to find new hiding spots although the latest one has lasted quite a while, i hide the biscuits in the 9 litre saucepan which is at the far bottom of the cupboard with a number of plastic salda bowls and other objects stuff ontop of and infront of it. There is no way DBF or DD are going to need to use it, so they wont think to pull it out and look whats inside it. DS is the secret keeper, he wont eat these things and doesnt pinch food anymore (he went through that stage when he was 3 and he used to pinch frozen tubs of nuttelex out of the freezer and eat them – ewww).

4. Erin! - October 6, 2007

Hmm that was meant to say Salad Bowls, not Salda bowls. I really have to learn to type as fast as my brain thinks of these things, so that i dont make as many typos.

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