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Taking Deep Breaths October 2, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in The Ex.

Had a phone call from the ex. He’s looking for dates that I received correspondence from his lawyers who buggered us around something shocking with negotiating a new custody/access agreement so that he can write a letter of complaint. Sigh

And because he’s complaining he’s refusing to pay the final bill. Sigh.

And because he’s not paying the final bill his lawyer won’t hand over the documents to lodge with the court. Sigh

So I still don’t have an agreement in place after months of being harassed over it by both him and his lawyer.


And apparently its all my fault because I wanted advice from my own lawyer to stop him from trying to screw me over. Again. Like he’s been trying to do for the past 3 years. Which he now point blank denies ever trying to do.


Now where’s my axe got to?



1. Erin! - October 2, 2007

Huge Hugs,

Sounds a bit like my ex, who got away without paying me the $8,000 he owed me, and also left me with $3000 in centrelink debts because he had hidden income i didnt know about so hadnt declared it to centrelink (yet i had to pay it back because the family allowance was paid to me, go figure!!) Yet my ex still complains that he lost everything (what because i kept the house that i had to take $105,000 mortgage on, even though it origanally cost $72,000 and it has several parts that were trashed because Ex was here by himself for six months and chose to ignore the water pouring into the ceiling as he knew he wouldnt be able to buy me out of the house).

And Lawyers, well, his lawyers used someone elses divorce papers and added bits to it, so legally according to my divorce papers (cause they refused to change them), I was born in australia in 1977, but apparently I also emigrated here in 1962. Tell me how TF they passed that as a legal document?? And that was one of ten mistakes on the final divorce papers that his lawyers submitted and refused to change.


I love new partner dearly, but wont ever be doing the Legal marriage again, might have a before god and friends marriage one day, but wont ever do the legal stuff, its not worth it.

2. Precious_1 - October 2, 2007

fair enough. I can certainly understand that. (about not doing the legal marriage stuff again)

My ex is just a nutcase pure and simple. (He really is – he has schizoprenia) He got the idea in his head that if our daughter came down to canberra for a school excursion that I was going to drive there and kidnap her. Two things – I let her go live with him cos she wanted to and I didn’t even know when the damn excursion was on!

He screwed me out of childsupport when she was little, and then when he got her started trying to limit my access. At once stage I didn’t get to speak to her on her b/day or christmas for 2 years cos he would leave the phone off the hook all day. So you can be sure that when he decided to formalise our custody arrangement (I still actually have custody) he was going to try to screw me over – I know this because his parents are lovely and told me what he was up to.

HIs lawyer keeps sending my mail to the wrong address, sometimes with the wrong name, they have included papers relating to other peoples cases in our paperwork and are generally rude and incompetant.

If i’d have known way back then (ie when we met) what I know now……….. aint hindsight grand?!

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