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Lovely Lou September 27, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Kids, Miss Lou.

My eldest daughter Lou was left at home on her own for a few hours this morning while her dad was at work and the step mum was out shopping or something, so she snuck a phone call in from the house phone to ask me to ring her back. Still has a sneaky streak about her! lol

She had me gobsmacked today though. We always knew given her peculiar “quirks” that she would find her teenage years difficult. Her earlier years were difficult enough without also having to contend with raging hormones and the sheer bitchiness of teenage girls. Sure enough she’s having a tonne of problems and is one very hurt, angry and confused girl. She has always had problems fitting in with her peers. This morning she says to me “why can’t the kids at school be nice to me and try harder because I’ve got problems?”

How on earth am I meant to tell her that kids will pick on her more because of those problems without crushing any hope she has of one day fitting in? How do I tell her that she just has to try harder when she’s already trying so hard?

Sigh. It’s not fair that these kids that are so special should find some things so hard.

On the flip side, I was so proud of her. She tried to send me a postcard from Canberra a couple of weeks ago when she was there on school excursion (even though she mixed up the address and I didn’t get it) and bought CJ a necklace (and then realised when she got home that she’d accidentally bought a “G” and not a “C”). This was a really good step despite things not going to plan. She’s not usually very thoughtful of other people and definitely doesn’t like to spend her money on others so I was really really proud of her for thinking of us instead of just herself. I’m going to send her some extra allowance next month so she can replace the necklace with the right initial.

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