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I wonder……….. September 25, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Random Thoughts.

There are many things that I wonder about from time to time……… like

I wonder if I smack hubby over the head with a hammer will he finally sit down with me and help me work out a do-able budget?

I wonder how many times I have to tell the kids to close the car door properly before they’ll actually do it?

I wonder how some doctors got their medical licenses when they can’t read an x-ray?

I wonder how one of our cats can sleep practically on the top of her head with her face smooshed into the doona?

I wonder what the girlfriend of one of hubby’s workmates thinks her boyfriend is going to do with over $600 worth of licenced footy gear (clocks, watches, jumpers, mugs etc etc) for Christmas? (I think she went into the shop and lay-byed everything that he didn’t already have – honest to goodness how much bronco gear does one fella need?)

I wonder exactly who hubby thinks is coming to a BBQ that we are meant to be hosting this weekend when he won’t make a guest list with me or invite anyone himself?

I wonder if Target will have any 1000 thread count sheets left tomorrow for me to lay-by?

I wonder why the spellchecker on this blog thingy doesn’t seem to recognise perfectly legitimate words that I use like ‘smooshed’?

I wonder why us women are so hard on ourselves? Why we seem to take fiendish delight in putting ourselves down, calling ourselves names and taking decisions that others make about us who don’t really know us to heart?



1. Erin! - September 25, 2007

LOL at the hitting hubby over the head, dont think it will work, but if you try it and it does work, let me know, DBF could use the same treatment.

As for how many times til they learn to close the car door properly, I still wonder how many times my kids will have to sit on wet car seat and go to school with a wet bum, after they yet again left the window down and it rained (which it does rather regularly here). I do say wind windows up EVERY time we get out of the car, but then again I also have to say Hey GET OUT OF THE CAR!!! Cause they are too busy chatting and playing to get themselves out.

2. Precious_1 - September 26, 2007

heehee – If I try it I’ll be sure to let you know the results! lol

I’m so glad I’m not the only person who has to tell their kids to get out of the car. lmao

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