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Oh Happy Day! September 23, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Family, In Laws.

The big day is finally over.

I sat up the front of the church and watched hubby very proudly walk his little sister down the aisle and give her away to a very deserving man.

The bride was radiant! She looked absolutely gorgeous. It was a very lovely ceremony and the reception was great. Plenty of food and drinks, great weather, formalities kept to a bare minimum. A was so happy that her day went smoothly and said that she couldn’t have asked for better and had exactly the day that she wanted. She is currently on her way to Canberra to spend the night before flying to QLD in the morning. Her in laws gave them a week in the sunshine state for a wedding gift while they babysit their son and the dog.

I was a bit worried this morning that I wouldn’t even be able to get to the church I’d been so sore, but its amazing what enough strong drugs will do for you. I got there OK and managed to do the reading that I was asked to do to.

And to top it all off I won $5! I bet my sis in law $5 a few days back that her mum would show up despite all the drama of the past week and she did! She sneaked into the church at the last minute and sat up the back, then scowled at everyone at the reception, but at least she was there……. and without her sleazebag partner much to everyone’s relief!

But……… never in my life have I seen so many tough men blubber! Hubby was struggling to hold back tears as they walked up the aisle, the groom was in tears saying his vows and one of my brother in laws burst into tears when he came up to hubby outside the church to say hello. It was lovely…………. but I am going to get MONTHS of stirring out of this! Mwahahahahaaaa

Hubby and his sister A

Back – Groom/Bro in law J, Bride/Sis in law A, Bro in law W, Hubby

Front – Sis in law K, TJ, Me and CJ

Still not sure what on earth possessed K to wear white to her sister’s wedding…… a few of the guests who didn’t know who she was thought she must have been another bride for another wedding taking place after this one LOL

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