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Ready To Scream!! September 18, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in In Laws.

I am so damn frustrated! I’m talking rip the head off the next person to ring with my teeth and hacking their bodies with the axe frustrated. I do not take kindly to be woken by the phone, let alone being woken by the phone to someone ranting and raving at me on the other end!

A couple of days ago hubby’s step dad K the sleaze bag ran A and asked her what was going on with the wedding – meaning who was walking her down the aisle. She told him that nothing had changed and that he should know by now what was happening as she’d told him enough times. Then he says to her “I suppose R and B (hubby & me) are going to be there?” They are just not taking either her or hubby seriously about us being there and hubby walking her down the aisle.

Hubby bumped into his youngest sister K yesterday and had a bit of a go at her. He told her that she had no right getting their mum to ring us up the night before she started a job expecting a place to live when they had had nothing to do with us for months and months prior. He also told her to tell her dad that yes we would be at the wedding and that he would be walking A down the aisle.He didn’t raise his voice, but he was pretty firm, she was a bit upset, but stayed there talking to us for a few minutes afterwards. She did make a comment about not being sure about coming to the wedding if there was going to be crap to which I told her that the only way there would be crap would be if K the sleazebag started it. We thought that was that. Hubby felt pretty good about having said his piece and thought that was the end of the matter.

This morning he gets a phone call from his older brother W asking him what he’s doing threatening their little sister and telling people not to come to the wedding. Hubby gets all flustered (he’s a very non confrontational person) mouths off saying a heap of stuff he shouldn’t, then rings me and rants at me about it and is talking about not going to his sister’s wedding. I ring his brother and sort of smooth things over and explained that he didn’t threaten K and what our side of things is with their mum (which he understood cos he has had similar problems) but boy its a mess!

I can’t wait for this wedding to be over!!!!

I could very well kill someone by the end of the week. Do you reckon I’d be able to plead self defence? After all I’d be defending my peace of mind!

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