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Detoxifying September 16, 2007

Posted by Mistress B in Friends.

I was having a bad morning today mobility wise so instead of going visiting we invited some people over. Then we kept them. lol Well, we invited them to stay for tea, but they never actually made a decision so we made it for them. Talking somethings over with them this evening I realised that it wasn’t just our old house that stopped us from hosting as much as we would have enjoyed it was also some of the toxic relationships that surrounded us.

Around the same time as we moved (3 months ago) we also had some major upheavals in our circle of friendships and I have to say that it has been bliss!! More and more I’m seeing just exactly how manipulative, deceitful and harmful some of those friendships were and how they were negatively impacting on us and the way we interacted with the rest of our social circle. Moving was a fresh start all round it would seem, in home, in friendships and in the long run, in my spirit.

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